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Socially intelligent Leadership
Self Development
Equine Facilitated Learning

Why Horse Sense?

Horses are highly social creatures.
They combine a deep awareness of self and others,
with heartfelt strength and courage.

As people, there’s a lot we can learn from their way of being,
and they have a lot to teach us when we spend time in their presence.

All of their lessons, now more than ever
being backed by quality research and science,
are completely transferable to our human relationships.
We could all use to develop a little more horse sense in life and business.

Horse Sense
is emotional agility, healthy expressions of power,
mindfulness, discernment and resilience. 

The Horse Sense Advantage allows us to fine tune communication
 and effectively navigate challenging situations.

Through interactive presentations, workshops and coaching, 
develop your Horse Sense to improve
personal and professional relationships.

True Presence Horse Sense is your
gym to build emotional and social fitness.

Experience this at your home, in your community or at your place of business.

Want some Horse Sense straight from the source?
Come to our farm in beautiful Muskoka North to enhance your learning
through safe, non-riding horse activities.


What makes us different?

We are more than buzz words and popular themes.
True Presence Horse Sense approaches coaching and facilitation with
unique perspectives, innovative twists and
an authentic drive to connect with who you are.

Carmen has studied directly with Linda Kohanov to become an
Advanced Eponaquest Instructor, one of only a few in Canada.
Combining the Eponaquest model with her own extensive horse experience
and comfort working with people of all backgrounds,
she brings her distinctive approach directly to you.

Furthermore, we are committed and accountable to working with horses as partners.
They are never seen as tools, and we always treat them with respect.

When first entering the workshop, I was a little skeptical since I did not see an obvious link between horses and team dynamics. I was very happy to discover very practical and evidence based solutions to common everyday problems we were facing. The facilitator was down to earth, approachable, knowledgeable and caring. Everyone who participated left with some new tools in their tool belt and a new sense of understanding that could translate well on a professional and personal level. I would recommend this workshop to everyone working with other people.
— Lucien Chiasson, Dawson College Nursing Department


Discover how you, your team or the entire organization
can create a more cohesive atmosphere, become more effective, and ultimately increase the bottom line
by bringing in some Horse Sense.

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Personal Development

Learn how to navigate challenges in relationships, families and communities, while developing a deeper connection to life with some Horse Sense.

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