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Why Horse Sense?


Verbal language makes up 10% of communication. 
What about the other 90%? 

Horses are masterful teachers of non-verbal communication,
the building blocks of emotional and social intelligence. 

Through presentations, workshops and coaching, 
develop your Horse Sense to strengthen skills that will 
improve your relationships, team or entire business.

Horse Sense is emotional agility, healthy expressions of power, sensory awareness, discernment, resilience and a high tolerance for vulnerability. 
The Horse Sense Advantage allows us to fine tune communication
 and effectively navigate challenging situations.

True Presence Horse Sense is the
gym to build our emotional and social fitness.

Experience this at your home, place of business or community, or come to our farm in beautiful Muskoka North to enhance your learning through experiential non-riding horse activities. 



Discover how your team, business or corporation can improve leadership, communication
and increase the bottom line
by bringing in some Horse Sense.

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Personal Development

Learn how to navigate the messages behind emotions,
set effective boundaries and develop skills to fluidly
resolve conflict with some Horse Sense.

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