A UC Berkeley study determined that high emotional intelligence is four times more important in determining success than raw IQ and training.*


How can True Presence horse sense help?

Humans are social beings. Whether our interactions are personal or professional, our ability to navigate social situations is the key to opening doors in life. 

Where do we learn to develop our emotional and social intelligence? As a society, we are expected to just know, but this is unrealistic. Just as with any other skills, effective, progressive training can help. 

Horses have evolved with humans for thousands of years. They have literally carried us around the world, enabling our species to move, grow and advance at a speed far greater than would have ever been possible without them. Now, that symbiotic evolution is taking its next step: the horse as our teacher. 

Large herbivores with a highly developed emotional capacity, horses are wonderful examples of authentic power. Working with them directly offers unparalleled opportunities to practice our own non-verbal communication, encouraging us to move away from predatory dominance tactics and towards effective non-predatory power. 

Equine Facilitated Learning (EFL) is becoming a widely recognized, innovative way to quickly develop a variety of tools to negotiate the challenges life presents. Experiential workshops with horses can have a profound effect on those who attend.

Horse Sense can be gained without directly working with equines as well. Through presentations, workshops and coaching inspired by the vast emotional and social strengths of horses, discover impactful life skills which can be applied anywhere.

Find out what True Presence Horse Sense can do for you.


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*Gregory J. Feist and Frank Barron "Emotional Intelligence and Academic Intelligence in Career and Life Success", UC Berkeley.