Meet Carmen!


Originally from Montreal, Carmen Theobald grew up in a multi-cultural and entrepreneurial atmosphere.  Assisting with her parents’ television production company from a young age, Carmen quickly adapted to working in high pressure social environments while developing a keen business sense behind the scenes. 

Carmen traded the big city for country life in 2008 for a farm and horse apprenticeship in Ontario. Being surrounded by horses was a complete game changer: they brought out strengths she didn’t know she had, and challenged her to become the best she could be. This led her to become a farrier (caring for the hooves of horses) and she has been a partner in her highly successful farrier business since 2010. 


As a farrier, Carmen is comfortable working in a variety of environments. Her ability to manage a wide range of social situations is tested and strengthened with clientele coming from every walk of life imaginable.

Carmen has now discovered how to blend her enthusiasm for the world of horses and humans. 

Carmen is an Eponaquest POH and MH Instructor. Focusing on emotional and social intelligence, she helps individuals reach their highest potential, and businesses work cohesively to improve the bottom line. She is qualified to share the research and philosophy pioneered by world renowned, best-selling author, Linda Kohanov, while incorporating her own background of unusual, yet highly transferable skills.


Carmen has a farm in Muskoka North, home to her horse and human family where she hosts Equine Facilitated Learning workshops. She is also happy to travel for presentations and skill development programs which add a little Horse Sense into our lives. 

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Carmen is a true Master Herder. I had the opportunity to be among the people Carmen taught these vital 5 roles. I found her authenticity and knowledge base on these concepts were unique and extremely relatable as well as actionable for my own personal and professional life. I have a day job as a Macroeconomic Strategist, I do stand-up comedy professionally, and I just got married to the love of my life, so learning these concepts so early in my life is a gigantic blessing. Carmen is absolutely one of the best at teaching and relating these important concepts to people across the board.
— Santi Espinosa