Authentic wisdom and power.

We go to the gym to build our physical muscles - where do we go to
strengthen our emotional and social fitness?
Develop your Horse Sense to strengthen communication and connection
in relationships, families, and communities.
Progressively build mindful, empowering skills that can be applied anywhere,
and develop a deeper connection to life.


developing your horse sense

Many of these themes can stand alone, while some must build upon others.
Noted in the descriptions.

Sentient Communication
This is the "grammar" of non-verbal communication.
Through greater mind-body connection and awareness, 
 Sentient Communication allows us  to create "social phrases" with greater ease.
Develop a simultaneous mindfulness of yourself and others that will improve relationships, strengthen families
and increase self-confidence.

Emotional Intelligence
Emotions don’t have to be something dreaded that we over-express or suppress.
By learning how to use emotions as information,
we can learn to productively express ourselves and
become exceptionally solution oriented.
Gain an understanding of the Emotional Message Chart, 
the most helpful 4 point process and question guide of emotional intelligence.

Emotional Heroism
Sometimes life requires us to be emotionally heroic. 
Develop the tools needed to thoughtfully problem solve under pressure and
de-escalate tense situations. 
*Must build on the "Emotional Intelligence" theme.

The 5 Roles of a Master Herder
In communities, families and relationships, we all want to be heard and understood. Learning these 5 roles of power and social influence, and how to use them for the good of the “herd”, is remarkably helpful in any and all social interactions.
Develop a greater awareness of yourself and others, and
skills to successfully handle challenging situations. 

Master Herder Assessment
Put the 5 roles into action by taking the
Master Herder Assessment.
Get a baseline for current strengths and areas needing improvement, 
then develop strategies for how to move forward.
*Must build on the "5 Roles of a Master Herder" theme.

Vulnerability Strength Training
Discover why vulnerability is the biggest block and key to success
for  conflict resolution,  commitment, accountability and positive outcomes.
Develop stronger "vulnerability muscles" to create
healthier families, groups, communities and personal happiness.

Boundaries & Assertiveness
Being comfortable saying no allows us to wholeheartedly say yes.
Learn where, when and how to set healthy boundaries, and become skilled at recognizing them in others. Discover the assertiveness formula, and how it can
improve confidence, enhance connection and build trust.

Difficult Conversations & Conflict Resolution
We all have to have them. Learn how to prepare for difficult conversations,
and how to respond in solution oriented ways to
achieve the best results possible.
Discover why healthy conflict is
necessary for committed solutions and connection.

Conscious Horsemanship
Improve your relationship with horses in a mutually respectful way.
Whether you have your own horse, or are simply interested in learning more about horse-human interactions, True Presence Horse Sense can offer socially intelligent solutions to bridge the gap between species.

This is a sampling of  what True Presence Horse Sense can offer.
Let us know your specific challenges and we will happily
create a program to meet your needs.