Live life to the fullest.

True Presence Horse Sense has a wide range of
tools to add to your emotional and social health tool kit. 
We are happy to accommodate your area of interest, whether you are looking for
one-on-one coachinggroup sessions, interactive presentations with your family or community, or Equine Facilitated Learning (EFL).



Interactive presentations explore various themes such as emotional intelligence, mindfulness and leadership through visually striking power points. 

See pricing below.



Discover new ways of being around people and horses through 1 - 4 day Equine Facilitated Learning (EFL) workshops. Put theory into practice through safe, non-riding horse activities that strengthen our non-verbal skills and emotional intelligence muscles. 
No horse experience required.

Indoor workshops, without EFL, are also available in your community or home. Let some Horse Sense come to you. 

See pricing below.



One-on-one or group coaching sessions are available with or without horses. Develop Horse Sense to increase mindfulness, prepare for difficult conversations, improve social dynamics and parenting skills, and increase leadership abilities. 
Can be in person, over the phone or online.

See pricing below.


Price List


Presentations/Indoor Workshops
Dependent on location, duration, and number of participants. Please contact for more information.

Equine Facilitated Learning
2-hour Session (1 person)     $175
3-hour Session (2 people)     $275
½ Day (3-5 people)                    $150 each
Full Day (includes lunch) 2 people    $325 each
Full Day (includes lunch) 3-5 people $225 each                   

Package Pricing
Applies to Coaching and EFL

3 Session Package 10% discount
5 Session Package 15% discount
10 Session Package 35% discount

Must be one block payment. Cannot be combined with other promotional offers.

Travel fees may be applicable.

True Presence Horse Sense is committed to several pro bono events throughout the year. If your organization would benefit from this, please contact Carmen