We fit your needs. 

We recognize the different needs every
business, organization, corporation, team and leader may have.
Whether you want a
one hour presentation,  half-day/full-day workshop,
multi-day course or individual coaching,
True Presence Horse Sense will accommodate you.



Invite Carmen for a 1 - 2 hour speaking engagement with visually striking power points. This is a great way to begin to familiarize your business with concepts that will increase efficiency and performance.

See pricing below.



Through a combination of interactive presentations and activities, True Presence Horse Sense can give half or full day workshops at your place of business. Combine modules that best suit your needs to create a multi-day course that can be experienced as a block, or spread out over time.  

Discover the full power of this approach by booking an Equine Facilitated Learning workshop. This is where we truly put theory into practice with the best teachers of them all - the horses. Improve communication and leadership like never before.

See pricing below.



Get one-on-one or group coaching to develop the skills and tools needed to become more effective, manage challenging situations, prepare for difficult conversations and take your professional world to the next level.
Can be in person, over the phone or online.

See pricing below.

Price List


Presentations/Indoor Workshops
Dependent on location, duration, and number of participants. Please contact for more information.

Equine Facilitated Learning
2-hour Session (1 person)     $175
3-hour Session (2 people)     $275
½ Day (3-5 people)                    $150 each
Full Day (includes lunch) 2 people    $325 each
Full Day (includes lunch) 3-5 people $225 each                   

Package Pricing
Applies to Coaching and EFL

3 Session Package 10% discount
5 Session Package 15% discount
10 Session Package 35% discount

Must be one block payment. Cannot be combined with other promotional offers.

Travel fees may be applicable.

True Presence Horse Sense is committed to several pro bono events throughout the year. If your organization would benefit from this, please contact Carmen.