Testimonial 11

I would certainly endorse doing Equine Facilitated work with Carmen. I was profoundly affected by the horses and was overwhelmed with what kind of impact they had on me just watching and being around them. Carmen facilitated my experience in a way that helped me understand what was happening and I ended up having a wonderful experience with Snowbird, the horse I got to work with. I wish I lived closer so I could do more sessions!

-Patricia Bannan

Testimonial 10

As an educator with several years of experience, I am naturally aware of what it takes to lead groups effectively. When I took Carmen’s workshop, I not only experienced a fun and informative day interacting with others, and learning an entirely new way of approaching communication, but I was impressed by how well the event was organised, and the content disseminated to the students: Carmen is truly in her element with Eponaquest. Her natural enthusiasm, compassion and love for horses make her an ideal facilitator. 

-Melva Avery

Testimonial 9

When first entering the workshop, I was a little skeptical since I did not see an obvious link between horses and team dynamics. I was very happy to discover very practical and evidence based solutions to common everyday problems we were facing. The facilitator was down to earth, approachable, knowledgeable and caring. Everyone who participated left with some new tools in their tool belt and a new sense of understanding that could translate well on a professional and personal level. I would recommend this workshop to everyone working with other people.

— Lucien Chiasson, Dawson College Nursing Department

Testimonial 8

Thank you Carmen for the amazing talk you provided on emotional intelligence for the staff at North Bay Animal Hospital. The topic was very relevant to our sometimes emotionally charged interactions with clients and our own personal relationships as well. We all now appreciate how valuable it can be to stop and take a minute to reflect on what is at the root of our own discomfort in difficult interactions and respond in a manner that truly reflects the emotions that are involved. We look forward to arranging another session sometime soon!

— Karen Barnes DVM

Testimonial 7

I wasn’t sure what to expect from our workshop. Equine facilitated learning is not something I had heard about before. Once Carmen introduced herself and explained about the concept, I could immediately see how it could be helpful in my work as a nursing teacher. Self-awareness and mindfulness in nursing practice are difficult concepts for students to grasp but Carmen had some great techniques for demonstrating this. I appreciated her fresh approach, welcoming and upbeat attitude. Very interesting workshop!

— Kim Cannon

Testimonial 6

Carmen Theobald is a bit of a renaissance woman: a talented equestrian and farrier who has the people skills to bring horse wisdom to the human world. One of the most gifted presenters and facilitators I’ve ever worked with, Carmen is taking the Eponaquest model of equine-facilitated learning out into the world in her own inimitable way. I am honored to consider her a colleague and a friend.

— Linda Kohanov, best-selling author, Eponaquest Founder and Director

Testimonial 5

Carmen is a true Master Herder. I had the opportunity to be among the people Carmen taught these vital 5 roles. I found her authenticity and knowledge base on these concepts were unique and extremely relatable as well as actionable for my own personal and professional life. I have a day job as a Macroeconomic Strategist, I do stand-up comedy professionally, and I just got married to the love of my life, so learning these concepts so early in my life is a gigantic blessing. Carmen is absolutely one of the best at teaching and relating these important concepts to people across the board.

— Santi Espinosa

Testimonial 4

If you have an opportunity to work with Carmen please take it! Carmen exudes a joyful radiance that is contagious. During our equine assisted learning apprenticeship program I worked with and witnessed Carmen teaching and facilitating many people, including myself, with and without the horses. She is a gifted teacher and facilitator, providing a strong supportive presence while bringing beautiful insights to her client’s experiences. Most importantly she creates a safe atmosphere in which her client’s can allow themselves to feel vulnerable and grow. I cannot recommend Carmen enough!! Know you are in the presence of a truly talented coach and guide who will be invaluable to your personal or professional development.

— Nicole Arts MD, Eponaquest Instructor, Monarch Equine Facilitated Learning

Testimonial 3

My daughter and I spent 3 hours with Carmen learning how we communicate non verbally and what this means to our Equine partners. Through self examination, some human to human and human to horse practicing and reflection, Carmen assisted us in understanding messages we send other people as well as our horses. It was a fun and insightful afternoon! Carmen is a natural teacher and a gentle, genuine facilitator. We look forward to what we will be learning in our next session with True Presence Horse Sense!

— Michelle Stewart

Testimonial 2

My husband and I had the great, good fortune to do a half-day workshop of EFL with Carmen, at her beautiful farm in Ontario. I have done a lot of personal development but never inspired by the wisdom of horses, nor with a young person so innately talented, insightful and skilled. Working with her horse Grace was exciting and eye-opening. EFL is deep, healing work and Carmen is a facilitator/coach whose innate talent and passion for it taught us a lot about ourselves and the world around us.

— Brenda Keesal

Testimonial 1

Carmen brings a multi-dimensional wealth of skills, knowledge, and experience to her work with horses and humans. She is highly attuned to all of the horse nuances, and is a gifted, compassionate facilitator in equine facilitated learning. I always look forward to hearing Carmen’s insights and pearls of wisdom!

— Elysa Ginsburg